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Originally released on the "Unhenged" Spinal Tap tribute album (the first-ever tribute to Tap, released in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film), Lapdance Academy is proud to re-release this version with outstanding fantasy art from illustrator Joe Boyle.

Re-imagined in C# standard tuning - and featuring the pre-natal heartbeat of Dogs bassist, Ryan Dowd's son - this rock and roll creation is quite a hefty birth.

Epidural not included...

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Music critics were quick to applaud and praise the harmonious dual vocals of Ryan Dowd and Brian Grosz on the stoner-metal debut of Brooklyn's DOGS OF WINTER, From Soil To Shale - read the reviews here - so it comes as little surprise that they've decided to re-invent one of their songs as a dreamy (if dreary) acoustic ballad.

While the original recording of "Beneath The Fold" was a churning, thunderous maelstrom of psychedelia, Dogs of Winter have stripped the composition down to acoustic guitars, a string section and the sound of traffic passing by the studio in which they recorded.

"Beneath The Fold" is here to remind us: just because a song is heavy, doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.

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"From Soil To Shale," the blistering 9-song debut from DOGS OF WINTER, marks the trio's passage from decay and detritus into the splintery, dark mass of angular stone you see before you. Compressed under the weight of Russian amplification, steeped in science-fiction and late-night movies, the album comprises tales of gorgons, body-snatching extra-terrestrial nano-organisms, tribal-excommunication and the unceasing march of progress.

DoW's rhythm section churns the waters with their unexpected time-signatures as the guitars alternate between grinding power chords and delay-drenched psychedelia. And while there's too much math involved to classify it as "stoner metal," the band claims no responsibility if you end up as a divot on the high-school steps just because you "thought you could touch the sunset" while listening.

Their two singers work in tandem like skilled pickpockets; one second you're enjoying the show, the next thing you know you're face-down in an alley rubbing a lump on the back of your neck and your wallet's missing. Growling and screaming their way through these nine songs, they meet briefly on harmonies before running off again in different directions, bickering like an old married couple.

Mixed by Andrew Schneider (CAVE IN, PELICAN, SCISSORFIGHT, UNSANE) and mastered by Nick Zampiello (CONVERGE, TORCHE), "From Soil To Shale" features custom artwork by Joe Boyle, embedded in each individual track and the accompanying PDF digi-booklet.

Ya know, for those of you stoners who still read liner notes.

"A sinewy yet soothing dose of hypnotic Hesher rock comes courtesy of NYC outfit Dogs of Winter, whose debut full-length FROM SOIL TO SHALE renders an exquisite nine-track rock excursion teeming with a loud and clear yet down and dirty elegance. This trio serves up a veritable stoner rock smorgasbord bursting with crafty nuggets of raucous rock 'n roll audacity and well-placed off kilter alternative metal techniques ("Flesh to Stone", "Ghost"). Bridging the oceansized gap between the grassroots metal of Baroness, the keep you guessing tendencies of Faith No More, and the hard hitting tunefulness of Foo Fighters, this unitÍs fluid musical interplay and standout soulful vocal harmonies ("Beneath the Fold") yield hybrids of muscular hard rock with brazen hooks, throbbing rhythms, and sly lyrical content that embody an earthy vibe as if whittled down from endless late night studio session jams. Showcasing lean and mean arrangements with an abundance of floating rhythms abound ("Anathema"), Dogs of Winter is poised to satisfy your sweet tooth with their batch of voluminous and voraciously addictive rock 'n roll."
-- Mike SOS, 3:16 Productions

"Oh hey, vocal melodies! I remember those. Dogs of Winter's debut album From Soil to Shale shares all of the above qualities and amps up the awesome singer quotient to two: When not screaming at each other, Brian Grosz and Ryan Dowd sing harmonies like they're actually arguing their points in tandem. Intertwining guitar/bass lines are just as smartly arranged. Drummer Dave Valle plays equal parts pocket groove machine and steady rock 'n roll pounder. It's refreshing to hear an album wherein every track sounds like its own entity. I'm a big fan. "

"The best way I can think of to describe this is as "a thinking man's Stoner Rock". The framework of the music is Stoner, but the rhythm section is far too clever to be a lazy, drawn out, smoke influenced haze. Oh, I have to mention the production, fan-fucking-tastic and beautifully clean."

"The rhythm section is huge. I mean in your face, spine-rattling bass lines and mountain size drum beats that all come pouring out as soon as the songs begin. They are not just keeping time or just guiding the activities, but instead they take control and make the guitars and vocals have to step up to really keep everything on an equal basis. They not only step up to the challenge, but rather they charge forward with piles of fuzzed out riffs and the two vocalists working in tandem... They growl, scream, roar, slam, push and plow their way through their tracks with unbridled enthusiasm."

"Every song has enough of rock 'n' roll energy and groovy, headbang inducing riffs to feed a goddamn army of rock'n'rollers... they play straight forward, no-frills rock with a truckload of memorable riffs and high-octane energy throughout."

"Dogs Of Winter are an excellently profession rock band that found the right balance between gritty performance, enchanting yet muscular vocals and intelligent breaks. Fans of stoner rock or just those into honest, timeless rock music have no excuse not to download this exquisite record."
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